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Oracle Oculus ColorShift LED Headlights
Oracle Oculus ColorShift LED Headlights

Oracle Oculus Colorshift RGB Headlights

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Oculus RGB ColorShift Bi-LED Headlamp system by ORACLE Lighting
Part Number: ORA5839-CS
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Introducing the all-new RGB ColorShift RGB Oculus Bi-LED Headlamp system by ORACLE Lighting. Featuring advanced LED projection with 3,200 Lumens of high-quality illumination for enhanced driver visibility in all weather conditions plus true white DRL and outer halo,inner halo and demon eye. All three RGB levels can be easily tied to a switch for simplicity or wired to up to three BC-1 bluetooth controllers for the ultimate control. The LED light source has lower power demands compared to the factory lamps while providing more light output.

Each LED feature has a separate cable output and can be connected together so all 3 create the same color or set up as 3 separate channels or “zones” depending on the user preference and the ColorSHIFT controller selected.
Please note that these features are intended for off-road “show” use only and are not compliant for street use.

The Pure-White DRL has its own wiring harness (same as the original Oculus) that connects to the fuse box with an add-a-circuit for easy and safe integration. The DRL will come on when the engine is running or can be connected to a switch (including the factory Aux switches) for additional user control.

2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL:
Rubicon Sport Utility 2/4-Door 
Sahara Sport Utility 2/4-Door 
Sport S Sport Utility 2/4-Door 
Sport Sport Utility 2/4-Door 

2020 Jeep Gladiator JT: 
Rubicon Sport Utility 4-Door 
Sport S Sport Utility 4-Door 
Overland Utility 4-Door 
Sport Sport Utility 4-Door 

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