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RGB Rock Light Kit
NightSun LED RGB Rock Light Kit

RGB Rock Light Kit

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Your Price: $99.00
Part Number: RGB-RL
NightSun4x4 - Multi-color RGB LED ROCK LIGHT contains 3 CREE LEDs each, The Kit is perfect for Jeep, UTV, ATV, rock crawler, boat, RV etc. LED POD rock lights come with bluetooth controller and lead wires, custom angled and flat mounting pads, waterproof connectors.
This kit has 8 RGB POD ROCK LED lights, 8 Sets Flat and Angled surface mounting pads and self-tapping screws.

Each pod includes 3 LEDs providing light beam at 3 watts each output
Illuminates under vehicle objects
IP68 - Waterproof can handle water / mud without issue, dust-proof and shockproof

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