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Jeep JK LED Fog Lights
Jeep JK LED Fog Lights

Jeep JK JL Led Fog Lights

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NightSun Jeep JK LED replacement Fog lights will give you a brighter more efficient light than the factory halogen lights. Upgrade your stock fog lights today.
Part Number: JK-Fog
One Pair of 30 watt LED Fog Light OEM Replacement. Upgrade from your halogen OEM fog lights with LED technology. Easy to install with no extra modifications needed, this super bright LED fog lights is a simple way to enhance your car's looks. Light transmission from LEDs is much stronger than halogen bulbs, ensuring greater visibility on the road. Weatherproof design and high durability allow for offroad adventures.


2007 - 2018 Jeep JK with factory bumpers except Hard Rock / 10th Anniversary bumper
2018+ Jeep JL with factory plastic bumpers
Many after market bumpers that accept 4" Jeep fog lights

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