1. Evolve 30 Inch Light Bar
Evolve 30 Inch LED RGB Light Bar
Evolve 30 Inch LED RGB Light Bar

Evolve 30 Inch Light Bar

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Enter the next step of LED light bar evolution with our new multi-function LED light bar, EVOLVE. This product features powerful 10 watt Osram LED chips which allow the light beam to project further. Navigate difficult terrain with ease by utilizing one of the available six beam options which allow you to manually adjust the beam from spot to flood with the push of a button. To further put you in control of your product, the product is equipped with a high and low beam function letting you control the height of the beam.

When you leave the trail you can activate the RGB 7-color daytime running lights to give your vehicle the unique look you were looking for.
All of these functions are controlled via Aurora’s 5 button intuitive control panel. The lustrous and sleek design of the control panel allows it to be mounted in any vehicle with style. The buttons are encased in rubber to prevent the intrusion of foreign materials from dirty hands or dusty trails.

Evolve 30

372 Watts
44640 Lumens
34.3 Inch


Six function multi-mode beam function allows you to adjust the beam pattern from flood to spot
Incredibly intuitive control panel makes changing selections a breeze
Hi & Low Beam dimmable technology
RGB Back-lit technology allows you change between 7 different colors to use as your Daytime Running Lights
Powerful 10 watt Osram LED chips
Mount the light bar with ease with the included stainless steel mounts
Wiring harness contains an on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line fuse, 12 volt 40 amp relay and all the wiring you need for professional installation